At WebFuel, we believe you should know the people behind the business. After all people do business with people. It’s all about relationships.

Helen’s background is in education – which is at the heart of WebFuel. We help clients understand what we do on their behalf – and why we do it. Les’s background is in technology. He brings this passion to the table to help empower the agency and our clients on the web.

This unique combination is what drives everything we do at WebFuel.

Helen Faber, Partner

Helen is our Director of Search. She loves to learn new things and stay on top of search – especially all the Search Engine algorithm changes. Helen takes great joy in figuring out complex search issues (Yes they do get complex!). We call her our “Search Detective”. Her area of expertise is SEO & PPC – and she has lots of Google credentials.

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Les Faber, Partner

Les is our Director of Technology. He loves to explore new technologies, play with code – and build things on the web. Les is a troubleshooter by nature. He spends lots of time tinkering with all things broken – and fixing them. We call him our “Tech Guy”. His primary area of expertise is with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager – which helps us measure all the other great stuff we do for our clients!

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Both partners are early adopters of the Internet (mid-90s). That is likely no surprise!

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Les Faber Google Analytics Individual Qualifications

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