Updated on June 2, 2016. WebFuel is a Google Trusted Partner.

WebFuel is pleased to announce that Helen Faber, Founder and Lead Search Strategist (SEO/PPC) has just been certified by Google as an AdWords Qualified Professional. This upgrades her status from Google Advertising Professional obtained earlier this year.

Google AdWords Qualified Professional Status – What is it?

Individuals must pass an official Google Advertising Professional Exam in order to attain “Qualified Professional” status. Additional requirements include managing client accounts and meeting minimum PPC advertising spend requirements as specified by Google. This must be maintained on an ongoing basis in order to retain this qualification.

How can you verify Professional Status?

Google Adwords Qualified Logo Google provides companies and individuals who have demonstrated superior knowledge of Google AdWords with a logo to publish on their site. In addition, authentication can also be done via Google AdWords Status Page. Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) lists Google GAP under certifications in each member’s profile. This is done via a verification process. Whoisgap? does the same.

Why hire an AdWords Professional – What are the benefits?

The primary benefit is to have someone with expert knowledge and experience with Google AdWords optimize and manage your PPC campaign. In addition, the insights from managing multiple clients can be quite valuable. And…. working with AdWords on an ongoing basis means keeping on top of all the Adwords changes (either software updates or publishing guidelines revisions). This, of course, is just standard practice for an AdWords Professional.

Helen Faber, our AdWords Professional, is the only consultant in Ottawa to receive this certification – and the first local search engine optimizer to attain this status.

Google Visibility is at the core of what we do at WebFuel. In addition to providing professional Google AdWords Services (including AdWords Training), we specialize in Google Optimization (getting found on the organic side of search). In addition, we also provide our clients with Google Analytics Services for tracking and improving site (and organic/paid search ) performance. WebFuel is a Canadian owned company – founded in 2004.