Strategy Development, Campaign Management & Reporting.

Are you struggling with maximizing your AdWords spend? Or… are you just new to advertising with Google?

WebFuel has been immersed in AdWords since the early days of Google advertising. Founded in 2004, we were one of the first Canadian agencies to earn AdWords Partner Status, and the first agency in Ottawa to achieve these credentials. Our area of expertise is in both Search and Display advertising. WebFuel is a Trusted Google Partner. We serve all industries (in both English and French). And… we have a clean track record with Google! But don’t just take our word for it. You can verify our status via our Google AdWords Certified Partner profile page.

How WebFuel Gets Results

WebFuel uses strategic and ethical PPC tactics based on best practices, the latest search trends and Google’s (stringent) guidelines (so you stay out of trouble!). We have years of Agency experience. So you can be sure that you will be dealing with pros! Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say. As an SEO provider, we can also leverage your AdWords data into Google organic search results via our customized solutions.

Our advanced AdWords services include specialization in:

    • Strategy Development
    • Keyword Research & Selection
    • Landing Page Development
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Analysis & Reporting
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So What Is Our Approach?

WebFuel positions our clients strategically and uniquely on Google’s advertising network. We focus on improving our clients’ rankings, clicks and conversions, and on delivering visible & measurable results. Rather than being novice AdWords marketers, we are strategic ones. We find the right positioning for our clients based on their unique marketing goals. This includes brand protection & awareness as well as mobile ad campaigns. And… we don’t work with your keyword competitors. WebFuel signs a non-compete clause with all our clients. Rest assured, we will not play one customer against another by managing multiple campaigns in the same vertical. That would be unethical. And ethics are a cornerstone of our agency!

Having issues with your AdWords campaigns?  We can help! Here’s how:

Google AdWords Audit

Are you not getting the paid search results from your Google Ads that you were planning on? WebFuel will provide you with an unbiased, expert opinion. We call it like it is!  Our audit report identifies the issues that are hurting your campaign’s success along with optimization recommendations that you can use to improve your self-managed campaign. We write in an easy to understand and simple to implement format.

Google AdWords Optimization

Do you require a one-time tune-up for your under-performing AdWords campaign(s)? Keeping up with all the new changes rolled out by the search giant can be difficult, if not daunting. WebFuel can get you back on your feet, fast and with results! Now you can manage in-house again.

Google AdWords Campaign(s)

Do you think Google Advertising is right for your business, but lack in-house expertise? AdWords can be tougher than you think. It’s often not as simple as they (Google) may lead you to believe. WebFuel can provide everything you need, including keyword research, competitor analysis and strategy development. Say what? Yes, we do all of the pick & shovel work for you!

Google AdWords Management

Is it time to outsource your AdWords campaign(s)? WebFuel provides on-going campaign monitoring, optimization and custom reporting. Yes – we believe that we should be accountable for the work that we do. These reports are pulled directly from Google’s interface (so you know we aren’t making things up!).

French Language AdWords

Oui, nous pouvons gérer une campagne Google AdWords pour des sites Web canadiens français.

In the digital world, having the right online strategy for your business is your competitive edge. Doing the same thing as everyone else is no longer adequate. Walk like a duck…talk… (you know the saying!). Especially on Google as ad competition is extremely high in many verticals.

If you are overwhelmed, don’t have enough time to focus on your AdWords advertising campaigns, or simply are not pleased with their performance, consider WebFuel. We do this stuff everyday, and will treat your campaign as if it was our own!

You’ll be elated to know that we adhere to Google’s Third-Party AdWords Policy. Would you expect anything less? In case you want to know more, you can also check out their FAQs web page.

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