As a qualified teaching professional, I have a strong belief in education and ongoing learning. This is a lofty target when it comes to the Search Industry. It’s like drinking from a firehose. Without a strong focus, you will get the water; but not necessarily the stream you are after.

After perusing our website you will quickly note that our focus is on empowering our clients through Website Optimization – which is as combination of SEO, Paid Search and Web Analytics: a Science & Art (Art & Science?). 😉

Google Certification (GAIQ): Helen Faber

I am already a Qualified Google Adwords Professional. And although I have been performing Google Analytics services for our clients for quite some time, there has not been any type of certification program available from the people at Google. This has all changed with Google’s advent of Google Analytics Proof of IQ. Exciting news, as up to this point anyone could state that they were “qualified” with no mechanism in place to provide proof  (myself included!).

Back in March Google announced the availability of online training for Google Analytics. I was thrilled as now there was a focus versus learning things in a free flow manner. I quickly jumped on board. In April I went through all of the testing and am proud to say that I am now able to categorically state that I am  fully qualified by Google (YAY!).

Sidenote: Unlike Google AdWords, one is unable to post any type of  logo on your website stating that you have these qualifications (beware of imposters). So you won’t see any Google badge on our site.

From Google’s TOS:

Please note, the creation or use of any unauthorised logo is an infringement of Google’s trade mark policy. We strongly urge all users not to display these logos on their sites.

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