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WebFuel has been involved in organic search since our company’s inception. Founded in 2004, we were one of the first Canadian agencies to offer Search Engine Optimization. We have a deep understanding of how Search Engines work as well as natural (unpaid) search results. SEO (and everything related) is what we do!

SEO is the best form of marketing because of the high conversion rates you can achieve when you are bringing the right people to your website.

How WebFuel Gets Results

WebFuel uses both on-page and off-page SEO strategies as well as the integration of paid search (when required) into our campaigns. We specialize in:

    • Organic Search Results
    • Serious Search Issues
    • Search Results Analytics
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So what is our approach?

WebFuel positions our clients strategically and uniquely in search. We focus on improving our clients’ rankings, clicks and conversions and on delivering visible & measurable results. Rather than being careless Search Engine Optimizers, we are strategic ones. We believe in best practices – and never, ever, resort to over-optimization, link schemes or any tactics that can results in spam signals (recently addressed by Google’s Penguin 3.0 update). Why does this matter? Poorly implemented SEO campaigns can have a negative effect on your positioning with the Search Engines. And the sad part is that you will most likely have no idea why your rankings, or web traffic, have gone south. They just have!

WebFuel only implements ethical strategies that don’t get you in trouble with the search engines. Believe us when we say you don’t want to get on their wrong side – especially Google.

Having issues getting results from organic search? We can help!
Here’s how:

SEO Audit

Puzzled as to why your website is doing so poorly in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)? WebFuel will provide you with an unbiased audit that analyzes your website from a Search Engine perspective. After all, it’s “all about the search engines”. We identify major issues and provide high-level strategic SEO recommendations. If something is broken, we will tell you. No harm no foul. We are honest & forthright.
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Competitor Analysis

Unsure what your competitors are up to in search? WebFuel provides customized competitor analysis that helps you understand what they are doing – and where. Think of us as your  “Search Detectives”. You really don’t think they are sitting still did you?

Keyword Research

Not sure if you are targeting the right keywords? WebFuel provides customize organic keyword research and selection based on your marketing goals. We can also help with keyword targeting for your website. Keywords are the foundation to good SEO.

Link Building (Link Acquisition / Link Earning)

Do you need more link juice with the search engines? WebFuel provides link audits (including competitive link analysis and identifying link spam), strategy development and implementation support to address link issues and drive more qualified web traffic to your site. Links are SEO fuel.

Local SEO

Having trouble getting found in a local search? WebFuel puts you on the map! We have been doing this long before Google+ Local Pages even existed. We’re like a neighbourhood watch for local search.

French SEO

Oui – nous faissons aussi “SEO” pour les sites web canadiens français!

And… sometimes Google (and the other major Search Engines) just get things wrong. Nothing to do with you. After all, it’s a bunch of web spiders doing the indexing – which is based on numerous and ever-evolving algorithms! At WebFuel, we love solving these SEO conundrums. So… yes – we can help!

We believe SEO measurement (ROI) is all about conversions. This goes beyond rankings & clicks.

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