WebFuel is Proudly CanadainSEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” or “Search Engine Optimizer”. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is commonly known as the process of improving the ranking position of a website (or more accurately a web page) in the Search Engines on the organic (or natural) side of search results. SEO is not new. It has been around for over 15 years. What is new, and often not common knowledge, is what can appear in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It is more than just web pages….SEO now stands for Search Everything Optimization.

September is Education month at WebFuel. We have just launched a new video titled: What is SEO – really? We invite you to watch – and comment. Learning is about getting engaged in the conversation.

Are you optimized? You should be.

Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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