Technical SEO has received lots of press lately. Columnist Clayburn Griffin argued that while technical SEO can make your site more attractive to search engines, it can only go so far. Whereas Patrick Hathaway argues that technical SEO is much more than a “nice to have” feature.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO focuses on the search engines’ ability to access, crawl, index and ultimately rank your website. It deals with digging into website code, redirects, XML Sitemaps, robots.txt file, HTTP status codes, canonicalization, hreflang tags as well as analyzing server and hosting configurations.

WebFuel Techncial SEOWhy does it matter?

It is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization.

Technical SEO is an essential requirement for a website of any size to rank in organic search. Marketers can publish the best content in their industry, but if Google can’t crawl and index it, it’s not going to rank. Period.

It is the most overlooked aspect of SEO. Many of the issues related to ranking in the search engines are technical in nature.

Having performed numerous Technical SEO Audits over the past several years, and seeing the improved results for our clients in organic search, we do believe it matters. A lot.

When should you consider a Technical SEO Audit?

        • Prior to a website redesign and/or migration to a new CMS platform
        • Steep drop in SEO web traffic and/or poor rankings
        • Developing an SEO strategy (especially for large and/or International sites)
        • Search engine penalty (manual or algorithm that are technical in nature)
        • Never been done before

Just to name a few.

We believe that you should not ignore Technical SEO, especially since it can result in some big SEO wins.

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  • Nick Colakovic

    Optimizing the website technically is the first step towards a good rank with search engines. If this part isn’t done right, other ‘soft’ strategies might not have an impact at all.