What is Search Engine Optimization, really? It depends on who you ask. Unfortunately, there is no industry standard definition. Ask one hundred SEO Experts – and you will likely get 100 different answers.

SEO is not new. SEO is not dead. SEO is evolving.

At WebFuel, we believe SEO is about getting results from organic search. You need to get rankings, get clicks and get web conversions. Measurement is a must!

WebFuel What is SEO 2014

SEO (still) isn’t dead

People search. Period. Getting results via search is critical due to the searcher’s intent. They are searching for something online (and this could be you). Add to the mix that using Search Engines is extremely popular. It is still the first place most web users visit (more than branded websites) .

However, SEO is  changing. This is due primarily to the Search Engines continuously improving their search results and now aggressively enforcing their own rules (addressing SEO spam). We think this is a good thing.

What is dead – or dying are shortcuts or tactics that are NOT considered best practices. Search Engine Watch.

Bottom line: Your SEO Strategy in 2017 should be about increasing web conversions and avoiding Search Engine penalties .

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